The Mekong Water Technology Innovation Institute focus in studies for Innovative solutions in fields of Water Resources, Water Technology and Environment, including:
    • Integrated and Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management (Flood, Brought…)
    • River bank and Sea dyke protections with low cost, natural friendly solutions
    • Structural measures on large rivers
    • Low cost and natural friendly solutions for water treatment and supply to people in flood and salt water areas in Mekong delta.
    • Environment protection and monitoring
    • Payment for Environment Services (PES)


    Our Mission The Mekong Water Technology Innovations Institute (Mekong Water Innovation) is established by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) for Innovative activities in fields of Water resources, Water Technologies and Environment for sustainable development of...

    Water technology

    ♦ Study and Application of Advanced and Sustainable solutions in Water Technology Application of small size model for water treatment for people in the flood area of the Delta.    Measures for saline water and fresh water supplies for aquaculture productions in the coastal provinces in the...

    Water resources development

    ♦ Study and Application of Advanced and Sustainable solutions in Water Resources Management Flood and Drought Risk management for the Mekong delta and Cities including building tools for decision making; plans for community-based disaster management…   Application of Innovative solutions...


    ♦ Study and Application of Advanced and Sustainable solutions in Environmental Management.
    ♦ Application of Innovative solutions with low cost, natural friendly for Environmental Treatment and Protections.
    ♦ Consulting services in Investigations, EIA reporting and Environment Management...